A brief summary of the Spray Tanning industry.

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What is Spray Tanning? Spray tanning has gained popularity over the past 10 years as a safe, quick and remarkably effective alternative method of tanning the body. The gist is, spraying the skin with a solution that chemically reacts with the skin to change it's color. A number of processes have been employed to deliver this product to the skin, starting with the airbrush. Airbrushes are small and are designed more for detailed work. Even when technicians became proficient in this method, the quickest one could expect to deliver a good result was usually well over ten minutes. This method eventually began to get some competition from those walk in booths which when invented were promoted as providing one privacy and super fast results during the process. This method while quick and private never seemed to achieve as good a result as a hands on or "custom" approach. Also as it turns out, in the US at least, only a small fraction of those seeking the perfect tan are anywhere near as modest as those marketers of the spray booth originally speculated. Finally the turbine or HVLP system entered the spray tanning industry and ultimately proved to be the best method because of it's quick even coverage. This system affords the user flexibility, easy perfect results and speed. With the ability to cover the body in as little as three minutes while getting the solution exactly where it is wanted and avoiding the areas that should not be sprayed; hair, palms fingers, insteps, toes etc., HVLP tanning is a near perfect system. The guns used in the HVLP method spray a strong smooth pattern up to twelve inches wide.

What does the actual tanning? The most effective active ingredient in spray tanning thus far is dihydroxyacetone. It is a sugar based ingredient, actually a form of fermented glycerin derived from beet sugar. Erythrulose a red berry derivative, is another ingredient that is widely used in self tanners but has failed to produce the same results and consistency as DHA. Some feel that it has complementary effect in spray tanning formulas while others feel that it does the same thing just not as effectively. DHA was discovered by a medical professional quite by accident when this substance first came into use as a pharmaceutical. What was discovered was that when it made contact with the skin, it created brown spots. The concept caught the attention of Coppertone® sun lotion manufacturers and the sunless tan was born. It turns out that the dihydroxyacetone compound or DHA, reacts with amino acids in the stratum corneum. This is the outer most layer of the epidermis as opposed to the deeper basal layer that is affected by the suns rays. This reaction originally created a more of an orange look but over the years a combination of improved grade of the active ingredients and now some of the strides made in formulations by developers of spray tanning products have resulted in a better range of products. While there are varying qualities, you now have a much better chance of finding a quality spray tanning product.


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