Below are some questions commonly asked by sunless tanning salon owners and their customers.

Q. What is spray tanning and how does it work? Is it safe?

A. Spray tanning is the process of spraying or atomizing a viscous solution that contains active tanning ingredients, onto the skin. Our products are, the best quality tanning solutions on the market containing DHA and other safe/FDA approved ingredients. Spray tanning is a great idea for those concerned with skin care and prevention of skin cancer.

Q. How does booth tanning compare to custom tanning?

A. Our buyers offer a level of precision and accuracy that can only be delivered during a one-on-one, hand applied session,

Q. How long does it take to get sprayed?
A. It takes approximately 3-5 minutes per person. Unlike airbrush systems, HVLP covers larger areas more quickly and evenly so you are not standing disrobed while a technician painstakingly sprays you with an airbrush. So for Tanning Parties, plan to accommodate all of your guests.

Q. Will I turn orange or have streaks?
A. Tangosun Tanning will give you a worry free tan. We assure you a streak free tan that you will never have to rub in or be bothered with. No more orange between your fingers or on knees and elbows! Make sure to exfoliate before your service to avoid any over-saturation on the dry spots!

Q. Why not just use a regular tanning bed?
A. Unlike Tanning beds, spray tans are not harmful for your skin. Tanning beds still deliver harmful UV rays to your body. Plus our spray tan is instant! You will not need to lay in a bed for 10-12 min day after day to get results. With the spray tan you will not have redness or peeling unlike a tanning bed. Stretch marks look so much better after a spray tan!

Q. Why should I choose tangosun over other solutions?
A. Tangosun is a company that cares! We have always been dedicated to providing true quality to ensure that our customers keep coming back,

Q. Do I have to be naked?
A. You do not have to be naked. It is your choice how you want to look. If you want no tan lines then you will be naked. We do provide disposable wear to cover your areas that you are shy about. If you want to wear a swim suit, please pick a dark colored suit or an old one.

Q. How do I prepare for my tan?
A. EXFOLIATE ALL OVER! Make sure to shave and wax at least 24 hours before your spray tan. Your skin MUST be clean from all lotions, perfumes and deodorant. Lotion and deodorant act as barriers and can even turn your tan green.

Q. Aftercare?
A. We will give you a after care check list to take home. Please wear loose clothes to wear after the spray. The solution will rub off on your clothes, but it does not stain. You will need to STAY away from water for the next 8 hours. This allows the solution to set and develop evenly all over. In the morning make sure to take a shower (do not go to the gym until you shower). You will see the solution wash off in the shower (this is normal). Then apply the tan extender lotion.

Q. How long will it last?
A. Our product will last between 5-14 days depending on the individual. The tan slowly fades just like a tan that you get from the sun or tanning bed. Make sure to extend your tan with our tan extender lotion.

Q. Is it okay to get a tan if pregnant or nursing?
A. Typically, it is safe to use tanning lotion while you are pregnant. The active ingredient Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a three-carbon sugar that is non-toxic and therefore is not harmful to you or your baby. DHA works by interacting with your dead skin cells to produce brown pigment called melanoidin. DHA does not go beyond this layer of cells and is not absorbed into the body. Skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells and renewing itself, and so the tan fades as this happens. Please check with your doctor before we visit.

We have been in the sunless tanning industry for over 5 years. Sunless tanning goes by several names including; airbrush tanning, spray tanning,and sunless.
We created several of the best spray tanning products on the market today. Bring Me The Sun™ is a division of Tango Sun™ and Goodspa™ located in Wilmington North Carolina.

Our core philosophy has always been to over-deliver on quality. TangoSun spray tanning solution and lotions are exceeding expectations in the tanning industry from Los Angeles to Onslow to to Sydney. Our products are never animal tested and are manufactured with pride in the USA.

The quality of your spray tan depends on the expertise of the tanning technician and also on the quality of the tanning formula. Our products are safe environmentally friendly and never animal tested.
The airbrush tanning formula used in our products and by our mobile tanning experts contains an active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone, more commonly known as DHA, a colorless sugar that darkens the skin through staining. DHA, which has been approved by the FDA for over 30 years for cosmetic applications, reacts with amino acids in the outermost layer of the skin, producing color changes in the dead surface cells found there. As these dead skin cells naturally wear off, the color gradually fades, just like a real sun tan.





TANGOSUN'S COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: Our products are a blend of the highest quality skin nourishing ingredients available. No expense is spared in creating the very best for you and your clients. We use natural antioxidants, including green tea extract and grapefruit seed extract, that fight free radical damage and slow cell turnover rate. Our solution is the only solution available to include a patented moisturizing technology that actually draws moisture to the skin cells which solves the "drying" problem of spray tanning!

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Tango Sun is a premium product and a subsidiary of The Goodspa Co., an industry innovator. Our spray tanning line was designed for the best Spas and Salons in the world. Our product is a blend of humectants, herbs and the highest quality tanning ingredients available to assure you the very best. We manufacture only the highest quality spray tanning Solution in the US and offer distribution worldwide.

SAFETY AND ETHICS: Our products are safe, non hazardous and are never animal tested. Our mission is to deliver the very best quality and remain a reputation based company of excellence.

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