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The spray tanning business.

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Getting the right equipment:

If you are considering starting a spray tanning business, one of the most important first steps is getting proper equipment. There is still some confusion about this. Do not consider buying a regular airbrush and compressor system. Airbrushes are designed for smaller more detailed work and while they can be used for sculpting, they are not effective tools for overall spray tanning. You will need an HVLP system. HVLP is an acronym for: high volume low pressure. This method of tanning is quick, effective and once learned, simple. HVLP systems are designed to cover larger surfaces quickly and evenly. TAKE NOTE: You must make certain that you are getting an HVLP gun that is equipped with the proper nozzle for spraying tanning solution and not paint. There is a big difference

Getting the right spray tanning solution

You are in the right place for the best solution. We started out as small day spa owners over almost 15 years ago and we had problems with poor quality and inconsistent solutions, we had issues with just about every tanning solution we found... like poor performance, bad smell, too sticky, too orange, poor initial colorant etc. When we developed our Tangosun Solution, we spent two years working out all of those issues, our solution costs a lot more to manufacture but our price for this premium quality can't be beat. if you want to have your clients returning and recommending you to all of their friends, you want Tangosun spray tan solution in your arsenal!

Getting the right location

Location is everything especially for a new small business. You have got to position yourself where people can see your business and signage. It may may be a good idea to find an established spa or salon in which to rent space. Or you may find a salon owner who is willing to charge you a percentage of your take to get started. Just remember to negotiate well and get your agreement in writing.Be sure to ask ahead of time for permission to have a sign out front or in the window to let people know that you are there.


Prices for spray tans will of course vary depending on your geographic location and what type of facility you are in. Let's face it if you are in a high end resort or a posh salon in beverly hills, people are going to expect to pay upwards of $50 for a good tan. If you are in an aging strip mall on the outskirts of a small town, people will expect to pay a lot less, say $25 to $35. It is a good marketing strategy to offer a pricing structure that encourages customers to become regulars. An example would be to offer one tan for $30, two tans for $50, five for $100 and so on. You are giving the customers the option of saving more when they buy more and this is very affective in securing a good regular client base. It is important to have an a meticulous record keeping system for this or a software like quickbooks.


Make sure that your clients understand the importance preparation steps. Clean, exfoliated, shaved, moisturized skin is the optimum substrate for a good spray tan. Lets discuss the reasons for each step... Exfoliation removes dead surface skin cells leaving fresh new skin that will last longer thus allowing for a tan that will last longer. Shaving further exfoliates skin so your clients will want to do any shaving prior to having a spray on tan. This way they wont feel the need to shave after tanning, which can strip the tan from the skin. Our Tangosun solution penetrates lotion and makeup.

Ancillary products

It is a good idea to stock aftercare lotion like our Skin Dance Tan Extender. Skin Dance is a good skin nourishing formula for spray tan maintenance with quality oils and shea butter that will keep the tanned skin from drying out. It also has a small amount of DHA to help keep the tan rich looking for as long as possible.


Be a Tangosun Distributor

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  • Be able to offer clients a very healthy alternative to unhealthy over-rendered solutions

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TANGOSUN'S COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: Our products are a blend of the highest quality skin nourishing ingredients available. No expense is spared in creating the very best for you and your clients. We use natural antioxidants, including green tea extract and grapefruit seed extract, that fight free radical damage and slow cell turnover rate. Our solution is the only solution available to include a patented moisturizing technology that actually draws moisture to the skin cells which solves the "drying" problem of spray tanning!

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Tango Sun is a premium product and a subsidiary of The Goodspa Co., an industry innovator. Our spray tanning line was designed for the best Spas and Salons in the world. Our product is a blend of humectants, herbs and the highest quality tanning ingredients available to assure you the very best. We manufacture only the highest quality spray tanning Solution in the US and offer distribution worldwide.

SAFETY AND ETHICS: Our products are safe, non hazardous and are never animal tested. Our mission is to deliver the very best quality and remain a reputation based company of excellence.

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