Below is some discussion on spray tanning, airbrush tanning and sunless tanning.

What is it and how is it done?

Spray tanning is a method of application of sunless tanning solution. The solution is atomized and sprayed evenly on the skin. Quality solutions such as Tangosun contain the key ingredient DHA and a veritable moisturizing complex along with fragrance, cosmetic colorants and other ingredients. Tangosun has been producing and perfecting these solutions for over ten years and they are available on this and other site. We also produce our tanning solutions for other companies.

Spray tanning or sunless tanning is sometimes referred to as airbrush tanning which is kind of like calling your refrigerator an "ice box" which, while charming is not quite accurate. Airbrushes were the very first tools used to atomize and propel DHA solutions onto the skin. These systems worked but they required great patience as airbrushes are smaller than HVLP spray guns which are now used by any serious business for spray tanning.

One way to better understand this in perspective is to first realize that the average airbrush is the size of an ink pen, while a spray gun is the size of a hairdryer. An airbrush puts out only up to a two or three inch pattern while spray guns go up to about twelve. The difference in performance is night and day. HVLP (high volume low pressure) guns were designed originally to finish large surfaces and were quickly adapted for the spray tanning industry. It is important to understand that not just any HVLP gun will do the job. There are hundreds of designs and manufacturers. These guns have thousands of variations in design, style, size, and intended use. Remember, originally they were created to spray thick latex polymer or oil based paints, resins and finishes in the furniture, automotive and airline industries. To make it more complex there are also numerous caps and nozzles for each gun. Typically in our industry we use the "bottom" or "suction feed" with a smaller plastic bottle and the appropriate cap and nozzle to handle a less viscous water based solution.

To simplify this whole matter you need to buy from a reputable dealer of spray tanning supplies and equipment.

Tango Sun spray tanning products are carefully crafted in North Carolina and sold in Australia and the US. If you are a distributor who would like information on offering our spray tanning line please contact us for information on your territory.

Spray tanning has been used since the late 90's and was the result of innovation using the active self tanning ingredients in use in sunless tanning lotions for roughly 40 years but in a sprayable solution. The most effective active ingredient being DHA or Dihydroxyacetone which is a fermented glycerin.

Spray tanning is applied using HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) systems and is not at all difficult to learn the techniques used can be learned by simply watching a DVD.

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TANGOSUN'S COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: Our products are a blend of the highest quality skin nourishing ingredients available. No expense is spared in creating the very best for you and your clients. We use natural antioxidants, including green tea extract and grapefruit seed extract, that fight free radical damage and slow cell turnover rate. Our solution is the only solution available to include a patented moisturizing technology that actually draws moisture to the skin cells which solves the "drying" problem of spray tanning!

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Tango Sun is a premium product and a subsidiary of The Goodspa Co., an industry innovator. Our spray tanning line was designed for the best Spas and Salons in the world. Our product is a blend of humectants, herbs and the highest quality tanning ingredients available to assure you the very best. We manufacture only the highest quality spray tanning Solution in the US and offer distribution worldwide.

SAFETY AND ETHICS: Our products are safe, non hazardous and are never animal tested. Our mission is to deliver the very best quality and remain a reputation based company of excellence.

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