Body builder "Competition" Spray Tanning Solutions

Body builder competition photoCheck out what our number one fan has to say about Tangosun's Competition Tanning Solution~

"I love Tangosun's Competition Tanning Solution! It give me a sunny warm tan look for my modeling and HD videos. I have been using it for a year and I am very happy with it! THANK YOU TANGOSUN! Your fan, BUFFPAM!"

Dorothy Trojanowicz- Fitness Model/Figure, NPC National Competitor.



Our MEDIUM tanning product is our most versatile and highly recommended. Below is our spray tanning product that is designed specifically for body builders.

Sunless Solution

"COMPETITION DARK" tanning for body builders.



One Gallon


One Half Gallon


One Qt. (32 oz.)


8 oz


Our HVLP spray tan systems are specifically designed for spray tanning and they are the very best sold on the market.


You will find that we offer both standard spray tanning systems as well as systems that are designed to meet all of the demands of a busy day spa where quiet operation is paramount.



We have been manufacturing premium tanning solution for over 5 years. Tangosun is you final destination in the "rat race" we are you last stop on the "wild goose chase" When you are done with the lackluster, let your skin dance under the TangoSun!


We offer a variety of top quality tanning rooms and tents that pop-up whenever and wherever you need to work. All of our pop-up tents come with a handy zippered carry case and shoulder strap. Our smaller models are easy to carry around and will fit in just about any space. Be sure to check out our whole selection.

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Spray Tents, Booths, Overspray
Get the best equipment for your money! This is our awesome, portable popup tanning booth. It has a zippered flap in the back to place a filter unit such as our "Power Filter" The perfect solution to messy over spray from any product. details...

Click here to see the video showing the tent being folded up.

Tango-Pop $115.00

TangoSun offers the highest quality Spray tanning environments!

  • No black tents that kill much needed light.
  • Tango-Pops have No sewn in flooring that can't be removed and cleaned.
  • Much taller roomier pop-ups.
  • Easy fold and go designs.
  • Sturdy carry cases included.
  • Ventilation flaps and portal built in.


Tan-Hut II $395.00


This simple light weight system is made in-house until spring, when we stock the the system shown below.

This ventilation/filtration port uses a disposable or washable spray tanning filter which slides easily into the face channels where it is held securely in place. Reliable Quality


US 115 Volt POWER FILTER $89

In stock/ships within 2 days.

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POWER FILTER Is a very effective air cleaner. This attractive cabinet is streamline and includes an easy access filter panel. This is a superior design in appearance and function for quality conscious business owners. The ventilation/filtration port uses a disposable or washable filter. Reliable Quality


US 115 Volt POWER FILTER $99

Not in stock until spring.

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Brochures- Full color three fold
An informative marketing tool that gives your customer more reasons to choose having a spray tan! This attractive full color brochure explains the process and aftercare. It also helps instill confidence and give a positive impression of spray tanning.

These beautiful Goodspa quality brochures help your client make the decision to have a it done now! Put your stamp or sticker in the box on the back panel and start marketing professionally today! Sales increase dramatically when you instill confidence in your potential clients.

100 Brochures $33.00 SALE $28
YOU SAVE $5.00

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200 Brochures $56 (SAVE $10.00)

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Case of 6 Tottles- $6.00 ea.
Tan 4 oz. $36



TangoTan  Self Tanner moisturizer
TangoSun's self tanning lotion. A great retail product for people on the go who need the TangoSun with them wherever they go.

Case of 6 Tottles- $4.50 ea.
Skin Dance 4 oz. $27

Spas and salons call for case pricing.

Skindance  Tan Saver
TangoSun's top quality tan saver. Made with the highest quality oils, shea butter and a patented natural moisturizing complex. Have your clients apply this luxurious lotion daily to help preserve and prolong your tan!

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Tango primer 64 oz. $34.50


A cleansing pre tanning product which helps begin the tanning process.Tango Primer  Wash/Primer
TangoSun's exclusive prep spray for pre-tanning. Simply spray the body with Tango Primer using any pump sprayer and wipe with a towel. This will prep the skin for the best spray tanning results! Cleans skin, removes excessive oils, adjusts pH balance for optimum tan.

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Tango Blaster 4 oz. $19.75


A spray tanning intensifier  that is added to each  portion of  tanning solution.Tango Blaster  Intensifier
TangoSun's Intensifier additive. Add a few drops to any solution to increase the intensity of the product.

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Tango-Pop Spray Tanning Tents are manufactured for TangoSun to meet out specific requirements. They are manufactured with no floor to avoid build up of solution on floor which is a very unpleasant situation. Spray tanning facilities generally use a small sheet or canvas floor that can be put into the wash occasionally. This greatly increases the life of the tent. We do not accept general returns so please buy responsibly.

We offer spray tanning products, spray tanning supplies. We also have spray tanning equipment and spray tanning tents.

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