Tango-Pop Tanning Tents

We have sold hundreds of tents, they are all high quality and we have hundreds of satisfied customers. However there are a few simple things that you should know before you make the decision to purchase.

(Folding Video 1) Pop-ups can be broken when not used or folded properly. We will not refund tents that have been bent or broken by improper handling.

Folding the tent is incredibly simple but please do not purchase the tent before viewing the video.

Please do not attempt to fold the tent before viewing the folding video.

The tents are top quality but some may have minor scuff marks on the yellow piping from when the tents are folded in the factory or rubbing that may have occurred during shipping. This occurs because the rods are highly pressurized against the fabric. To most, this is not a concern or even noticed should be understood.

The graphics shown are on the demo models only. Tents do not come with our logo printed on them.

(video 2) Click here to see the video showing the tent being folded up.





TANGOSUN'S COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: We ushered in the Dawn of the Sunless Tan. We have offered the very best products since the early days of this industry. Our products are a blend of the highest quality skin nourishing ingredients available. No expense is spared in creating the very best for you and your clients. We use natural antioxidants, including green tea extract and grapefruit seed extract, that fight free radical damage and slow cell turnover rate. Our solution is the only solution available to include a patented moisturizing technology that actually draws moisture to the skin cells which solves the "drying" problem of spray tanning! Let us make your fantasy tan a "reality tan" with TangoSun.

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SAFETY AND ETHICS: Our products are safe, non hazardous and are never animal tested. Our mission is to deliver the very best quality and remain a reputation based company of excellence. See our information page to learn more about spray tanning.

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